As part of Sydney Catholic Schools, we employ highly qualified and competent teachers who are accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). To continuously improve our practice, teachers also work towards the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, from proficient teacher to lead teacher level.

The delivery of quality curriculum, pedagogy (teaching methods) and assessment is ensured by our system of schools through the provision of contemporary NESA accredited professional learning in a range of modes. Our Centres of Excellence offer online learning and external face-to-face courses, and timely, collaborative and relevant in-situ learning take place within the context of each classroom. Sydney Catholic Schools’ teachers are strongly committed to their ongoing learning, with many having completed, or are currently undertaking, postgraduate studies in areas related to curriculum, student wellbeing, special education, theology, pastoral care and leadership.

McAuley Catholic Primary School Rose Bay staff learningBy the end of 2020, all leadership, teaching and specialist staff at McAuley will have completed further professional learning in Gifted Education through online modules offered through Sydney Catholic Schools. This training will assist our staff to develop a deeper understanding of how best to identify, recognise and cater for the needs of gifted and talented students at our school.

Staff at McAuley Catholic Primary School Rose Bay are committed to ongoing professional learning and are supported through collaborative processes where they are challenged in a highly successful learning environment. Professional Learning Plans are strategically developed annually to provide best practice in teaching and learning to cater for the diverse needs of our students and to build expertise within our staff. Teachers also have the opportunity to personalise their professional learning to satisfy their own development particularly where it impacts students’ need.